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Keep Keto Simple

Keeping it simple is a very overlooked rule.
Yet, almost every expert and long term LCHF follower has this in common. And for a good reason.
Keto allow us to re-discover food. For most people, this includes finding a passion for cooking. Since most of what you can buy in the shops is processed and/or have hidden sugars, cooking at home becomes a necessity and many will panic while others dive into complex recipes to replicate what they left behind.
Panicking is never a good idea. It's hard to make good decisions while our brains are focusing in what we are not able to do. And complex recipes? Well, just as with every diet, cooking and cuisine (don't they mean the same), there's every days options that are easy and quick, and then there's elaborate ones that are reserved for parties, feasts or renowned chefs.
It's easy to get carried away with your new found passion for mixing up ingredients. Some of them are fancy ingredients that he heard on TV or some other fad diet.