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Weight Loss Plateaus

If you have been doing Keto right, you are no doubt used to this incredible feeling of seeing results every day. Be it a new lower number on your scales or clothes getting looser.
But you will have those moments when this will not happen.
I repeat: you WILL hit a stall, your weight will plateau. And that is fine.

Why? Well... the way I like to look at it is, because you have been losing so much weight, your body will have to take a pause and take stock, to reassess if everything is working as it should. It's a good thing. From my experience and by listening to other people, after the first few months it is normal for your body do hold on to some weight, water mostly. Mine happened after the second month. It lasted for a couple of weeks. Eventually most people will experience a whoosh, or at the very least see their progress resume.

Note, however, that short terms plateaus can be regular and that is also fine and normal. If your weight hasn't moved for a week, I wouldn't even cla…