Hey how's it going?

My name is Joel.
I live in UK with my amazing wife Kim and our 3 troublesome kids, Dylan, Alex and Jaxson.

I thought I would introduce myself and my family before anything else.
My intention is to explain how I lost my weight and explain the science behind it in the most simplistic way possible, while directing anyone interested to the sources of information I used to educate myself.

As disclaimer I will come right out and say that I am not a doctor. And my understanding about science is somewhat limited. In fact I have my own full time job completely unrelated to nutrition or healthcare.

I don't really know how to start this first post without making it cringy... so I will just wing it.

This blog is linked to a small Facebook group, Keto Buddies. The group was created so that my wife and I could help our friends and family that were curious about our lifestyle and our way of eating.

Here it goes!
In 2016 I stepped on the scales and got a slap in the face. I was 102kg (16st or 224.4lbs).

Like many times before I knew I had to go on a diet. Possibly, a low carb one, Atkins style, as I had some success with before.
I tried calorie counting in the past, daily gym sessions and many other diets and suggestions. Nothing really worked.

I didn't think I had any underline health problems. At least to my knowledge. And since I rarely get sick, I rarely have to go to the doctors.
But I knew I was overweight, obese even, according to all charts.

I have used My Fitness Pal on and off to track my calories and my goal has always been 75kg since I first signed up. And right now I was buying 40 inch sized jeans and extra large tops with 17 inch colar size shirts. 
My problem? Like many others, uncontrollable cravings.

I'm getting closer to my 40s. I really need to do something.
I started with some research. A few articles on low carb caught my eye and I dived into the science. Reddit became my first source of information from a community point of view. I was hooked.

I discovered Dr. Jeff Volek and Dr. Peter Attia. I was shown in the direction of Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Dominic D'Agostino, Prof Tim Noakes, Dr. Ted Naiman.
I binged on YouTube, I learned about macros and what do they mean, the importance of increasing fat to satiety.
I discovered some great podcasts that made my search a lot easier.
I guess you could say that if it wasn't for Cark Franklin and Richard Morris from 2 Keto Dudes and later on Bryan Williamson from Ketovangelist I wouldn't have stayed true to the Keto lifestyle.
Keto became an obsession and the results started to show.
Suddenly it all made sense. It was not just about carbs or calories. That's how I failed and I was always going to fail.
Not wanting to sound like a conspiracy theorist or like a religious freak that preaches to everyone after seeing the light, it now feels very much as if I had been guided like a blindfolded sheep by food corporations and marketing and, in the end, sold a lie. Eat more often they said, eat grains they said, eat low fat, breakfast is the most important meal of the day they said…

Kim always watch my attempts at dieting with mild amusement. Supportive, as she should be, but also ready to support when I failed too.
But she always claimed that she would never follow my diet. She loves food too much and she could never give up potatoes, especially mashed. Plus the coffee with butter I was having in the morning was too disgusting, according to her. She said she was happy with the way she looked.
But, my results, my constant blabbering about the science and a picture or two in a less flattering outfit made her wanted to give it a go . The only caveat was that if she ever felt she was missing out too much she would stop.

At the beginning of 2017, I had lost 32kg (5st or 70lbs). My old My Fitness Pal goal of 75ks felt like a distant memory. I changed it to 70kg and that too is in the rear-view mirror now. 
I was finally after many years in my ideal weight for my height. My BMI no longer falls in the obese. And all this with no more than a few trips to the gym. It was all about the food I ate. In fact, I only started going to the gym and exercise more because I could feel my abs starting to show and wanted more definition. Plus I had all this energy now...

Kim, despite a few breaks for holidays and Christmas, has also reached her goal and was now chasing another.
Keto became our life. Kim found a new passion, cooking, as a way to keep food healthy and interesting. I got her to add the some recipes to a second blog, Keto Buddies Recipe.
The kids started doing Keto as well. Though we put less restrictions on the younger ones. But we noticed amazing results, not necessarily weight related.

So here we are. I think that's it for introductions.
Keep Calm & Keto On